SMS Guys Read Attacks The Eagle

Hello Readers,

Friday afternoon SMS Guys Read met up for our second movie field trip.  This time we went to see if The Eagle could match up to Rosemary Sutcliff’s The Eagle of the Ninth.  

Although the film version fails to follow the book toward the end, I have to say that I did enjoy the movie version.  Most of the opening of the movie follows the book, just really cut short.  I found myself whispering, look here comes chapter three (Attack) really soon.  Once Marcus gets hurt and is paired with Esca the movie starts to go another way all together.  As I said the film is fun and we all had a good time, but there are some notable differences.  The first one is that there is no Cottia   I always liked the plot line with Marcus and Cottia hating/liking each other.  The other big difference was that Marcus and Esca do not pretend to be anybody north of the wall.  In the book Marcus takes the identity of a medical man.

Now the ending was really different.  Some of it was fine.  The seal people were cool.  The tension to escape with the eagle was surely felt by me.  I have to say, though, I did not care for the addition of the deserting legionnaires joining back up to defend the eagle from the attacking seal people.  That just seemed a bit silly, and how could a group of old Romans hold off a huge swarming attacking people?

So the movie and book are vastly different…we knew they would be.  The movie version is always going to be a different beast.  I like reading the books and looking for the ways the filmmakers solve the problem of cutting a book to fit into a movie format.  Try it with The Eagle of the Ninth.  It is a great book, that has become a fine action film.  Just don’t expect the same story.

Have you read The Eagle of the Ninth?  How about the movie?  Did you enjoy them?  Hit that comment buttion and let us know what you thought.

Read and watch on,

Mr. H

ps. We also had to document our down with Bieber moment.


2 thoughts on “SMS Guys Read Attacks The Eagle

  1. that was amazing

    The movie was great ,the sweetarts were great (thanks chinna),the thumbs-down to Justin Beiber was fun. I heard a lot about ch3 in the book and it was great in the movie.
    I think the movie would be worth seeing again. It was awsome.

  2. Justin Bieber… Okay…
    I’m jealous…I didn’t get to do this stuff last year 😥
    But I’m coming back next year anyway, so I’m going to get back into Guys Read… if I have the time…

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