Bring On March Madness

Hello Readers,

We here at SMS Guys Read are in the heart of college basketball land and so March becomes an interesting time in these parts.  Last year we were very success in marrying our love for reading and books with the nations obsession with college basketball and the whole bracket thing.

So with march now three days in we have built our 2o11 Books and Basketball Championship brackets… we now just have to wait for the basketball teams to get themselves sorted.

If you were not around last year, and are too lazy to read the old posts, here is the way it works…

First we chose 68 (they expanded from 64 this year) books that we as a group cared about. We then debated which books should be the top seeds and which might fall to the 16th seeds.  Our video debates show the emotion our lads have for some of these books.  Armon’s Mockingjay protest and the fight over the Eagle of the Ninth as a 16th seed was fun and full of energy.


Once the Basketball teams have been sorted then we will merge the two brackets and just let the basketball tournament play out. We know it is a bit random and has nothing to do with the merit of the book, but it is a lot of fun to cheer for teams you know nothing about just because a book you love is attached to them.

So check back in a few days as the NCAA Tournament gets going.  The first games will be played on the Ides of March (15th).

Read On,

Mr. H


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