Books and Basketball Begins

Hello Sports (Reading) Fans,

Last night the NCAA basketball tournament got underway with a few first round games that didn’t seem to make sense to a non-basketball guy like myself.  I am used to the tournament starting with a whole bunch of games and the crazy excitement of lots of games at the same time. 

Now we have two games on Tuesday, another two games on Wednesday and then things get crazy on Thursday.  I sort of miss the zero to 100 style of tournament.

So officially in the East Bracket Clemson University has won the right to be called 12 seeded Children of the Lamp.  In the Southeast bracket UNC-Asheville has won the right be called  16 seed Captain Underpants (what an honor).

Today we will see if Mockingjay (UTSA) will be able to join the big dance, or if The Dangerous Book For Boys (Alabama St) will send Mockingjay back to District 13.  We will also see if USC or VCU will win the right to be called 11 seed Raven’s Gate.

So here we go with the Books and Basketball Championship.  How are you feeling about the brackets?  Who is making it to the final four.  Hit that comment button and tell us who is going to win.

Read On,

Mr. H


9 thoughts on “Books and Basketball Begins

  1. Ship Breaker (Duke) is going to win the books and basketball tournament because it won won the prinz award and because it is one of the best books i’ve ever read. It is also because Duke is awesome!

  2. Moon over manifst (Arizona), spelled wrong on purpose, is going to win it all because if you open it kills everybody in a 5 mile radius. Have any of you guys read it? Yeah I thought so by the first five words you will be dying a painful death begging for mercy.

  3. I think that Ship Breaker(Duke) will win. I think this because I read this book and it is the best book I have ever read. I also want this team to win because Ship Breaker (Duke) is the best team in the NCAA.

  4. I am so excited about this year’s tournament. I am honestly a little disappointed by the slow start. These early games are not very exciting and I want to get to the big action.
    So here is my final four…Behemoth (Ohio St), Ship Breaker (Duke), The Lost Hero (Kansas) and Guys Read: Funny Business (BYU).
    In the end I think we will have a repeat for Scott Westerfeld and Behemoth will win it all.

  5. The Fire Within (Princeton) is going all the way. The Fire Within (Princeton) will destroy Pendragon (Kentucky). Fire Within is the best book in the bracket.

  6. I think that Ship Breaker will win it all. Yeah, Ship Breaker, I said it!! I mean it won the Prinz Award and almost more importantly, it is DUKE, they won last year and they’ll do it again. Thank you very much, The End, Period, END OF DISCUSSION!!!!!

  7. I think that doing books and basket ball tournament is a great idea because everybody is always talking about March Madness and who is going to win. Mixing books with teams in the bracket is going to add a new twist to how the tourament will work. When everybody in guys read will make their perdiction, it will depend depend on if you will perdict by team of books. This will start a huge chain reaction of arguments( especially between Armon and Alex p.) I think that the champion of the whole tounament will be Ship Breaker( Duke) because Ship Breaker is a great book and Duke is an exellent team. I think that this is the best book and team combination.

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