Welcome Tom Angleberger

Hello Readers,

Yesterday was a huge day in the SMS Guys Read world… We were lucky enough to be visited by Tom Angleberger, the great author of the number 2 seed out of the Western Bracket…The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.

We here at SMS have had a fair number of author visitors over the past few year, and they have all been great, but I cannot think of a better author visit then what we had yesterday. Mr. Angleberger has a way of connecting with an audience of students that will have them engaged, laughing and maybe most importantly listening.

Here are a few pics from the presentation.

Angleberger started with a semi-professional juggling presentation that was fairly mind-blowing.  He then brought a few students…all strangly named “Larry” to show off some of their juggling skills.

After the excitement generated by juggling Koosh Balls we moved on to better understanding the tone of the book.  At this point we needed to know who Yoda was, understand origami and be able to identify pants.  Luckily for our students Mr. Angleberger was able to help us with all of those topics, he even drew us a pair of pants.

Once we were fully educated on the magic of pants the story of Kellen and the embarrassing stain was recounted to us. 

Visual aides were presented and students were to keep track of the number of times the word “pee” was uttered.  It was 23 for those interested in such data.

At last Origami Yoda was revealed and his knowledge was fully experienced by our whole 6th grade team.  I do believe that many of our 6th grades now truly believe in the power of the Force.

We were even introduced to Italian and German versions of the book.  Germany took an unfortunate spill off the stage…sorry Germany!

Next came the portion of the show that was seriously cool.  Each student was given a small sheet of green paper and with the help of another “Larry” we all folded an easy Origami Yoda together.

 Here are some pictures of the fruits of our labor.




Our helper “Larry” even got a little funky after the folding…


  After a few questions from the audience we dismissed the large group we set up a signing line that was a lot bigger than I anticipated. We had built some excitement with our After-School Extravaganza and lots of students had books they were looking forward to getting autographed.

Thank You Mr. Angleberger…We all had a blast and we all are looking forward to Darth Paper Strikes Back!

Read On,

Mr. H


11 thoughts on “Welcome Tom Angleberger

  1. It was wicked. And he signed your stuff such as books and origami yoda’s. he did some funky stuff such as dancing yoda’s and juggling.

  2. I really liked it when Tom Angleberger came to our school. I liked it because he was really funny and really connected with the audience. He knows how to entertain the kids and that is what he showed us at school.

  3. this guy is awsome he signed my yoda , he did some awesome juggling, teached us about pants, and he told us a sneak peak on the third book, if he makes it.

  4. I loved the book The Strange Case of Origami Yoda that was written by Tom Angleberger just because he was amazing and fun to hang out with for an hour.

  5. Thanks! I really had a great time and I’m glad you guys liked it! Still have your Yodas?

    And, yes, Sean L., I’m very sorry you weren’t there…\


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