Let the Big Show Begin

Hello Readers,

With the first four games in the bag we are finally ready to get this show on the road for real.  To recap the early games….

In the East, Clemson won the right to be called The Children of the Lamp and Mockingjay (UTSA) made it past The Dangerous Book for Boys (Alabama St).  Children of the Lamp will move on to see The Defense of Thaddeus A. Ledbetter (West Virginia) and Mockingjay (UTSA) will have the joy of seeing Behemoth (Ohio St).

In the Southwest bracket VCU has won the right to be called Raven’s Gate.  They will move on to face Lockdown (Georgetown).

Finally in the Southeast bracket, the first game of the first four saw UNC-Asheville taking out UA-Little Rock in overtime to become Captain Underpants.  They will now take their underpants power up against The Scorch Trials (Pitt).

The First games start around 12:00 today.  Stay tuned we will update when we can.  Enjoy the tournament and let the best books win!

Mr. H


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