2011 Books and Basketball…Are Your Brackets Busted?

Hello Readers,

Well, we have round two of the Books and Basketball Championship under way and a few of you may have a few bracket busters….I know I do.

The East Bracket had only two games and they both turned out as expected The Defense of Thaddeus A. Ledbetter (WVU) managed the Children of the Lamp (Clemson).

The West Bracket saw four games, a couple of them not really very challenging.  I,Q (Connecticut) destroyed the baseball book Change Up (Bucknell), sending them back to the minor leagues.  They will now see Dark Life (Cincinnati) after Dark Life took down Crocodile Tears (Missouri).  Looks like more tears for Alex Rider fans.

The other games in the West had The Strange Case of Origami Yoda (SDST) taking out the little 13 Words by Lemony Snicket (Northern Colorado) and Candyshop Wars (Temple) beating I Am David (Penn St).

At this point I had picked all of the books correctly.  Then came the Southwest.

In the Southwest bracket there was again only two games and I got them both wrong.  First The Dreamer (Vanderbilt) went down to No. 12 Trackers (Richmond) and then the 13th seeded Ranger’s Apprentice: Halt’s Peril sticks a knife in Lawnboy Returns (Louisville) by one point!

The Southeast Bracket had a full round of games and I managed to pick all the books correctly, save one…rotten Fang.

So, the Scorch Trials (Pitt) beats and beats up Captain Underpants (UNC-A).  The Hobbit (Butler) gets a boost from its upcoming movie reboot and takes out Maniac Magee (ODU).  Fantasy Baseball (K-State) by Alan Gratz uses it’s birthday (it was released yesterday) to get by The 39 Clues: Vesper Rising (Utah St). A Tale Dark and Grimm (Wisc) had no trouble with Sir Charlie (Belmont).  Guys Read: Funny Business (BYU) takes out Long Walk to Water (Wofford).  They will face Cosmic (Gonzaga) after they end Artemis Fowl: Time Paradox’s run.  My one mistake in the bracket was taking Fang (Mich St) past Scat (UCLA).  I actually had Fang going on to beat Airborn (Florida) in the next round.  No dice for me there.  By the way Airborn (FLA)did beat Wolven (UCSB) by a lot to move on.

A lot of match-ups to come today.  Check back and see what the results are and hit that comment button we would love to hear how your picks are doing.

Read On,

Mr. H


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