2011 Books and Basketball…On to the Sweet Sixteen

Hello Readers,

Well that was a crazy weekend for our Books and basketball Championship.  A few very close games that I needed to go the other way (Smekday, Hugo Crabret and Fablehaven really screwed my brackets up for that last round), but at this point if my three number one seeds hold on and little Guys Read: Funny Business (BYU) hold on then I am set for the next round.  How are you doing in your picks.

So the Sweet Sixteen is set.  The games are as follows…


Behemoth (Ohio St) vs Pendragon (Kentucky)

Peter and the Starcatchers – Sword of Mercy (Marquette) vs The War to End all Wars (UNC)

I should be alright in the bracket if Behemoth makes it to the final four.


Ship Breaker (Duke) vs Moon Over Manifest (Arizona)

Printz vs Newbery how about that seredipity!

I,Q (UConn) vs The Strange Case of Origami Yoda (San Diego St)

I have done OK in this bracket.  If The True Meaning of Smekday (Texas) hadn’t found a way to lose yesterday I would have all of the teams picked correctly.  Moon Over Manifest is on a run I did not see coming.  Must be the power of the Newbery.


The Lost Hero (Kansas) vs Trackers (Richmond)

Raven’s Gate (VCU) vs Fever Crumb (Florida St)

My picks in the bracket are all a mess.  The only team I picked that is still alive is The Lost Hero.  Now if they win out and get to the final four I’m square, but I didn’t see 12 Trackers, 11 Raven’s Gate or 10 Fever Crumb making this far.  Well done to them all!


The Hobbit (Butler) vs A Tale Dark and Grimm (Wisconsin)

Guys Read: Funny Business (BYU) vs Airborn (Florida)

This was the one number one seed that I didn’t pick to go to the final four, so I need Guys Read to make a run here and make it to the final four.  I am really happy for  A Tale Dark and Grimm, I just finished that book last week and it was great. You should really check it out!

The next round gets going on Thursday and Friday (March 24 and 25).  Check back in then and see was chaos unsues.

Read On,

Mr. H


2 thoughts on “2011 Books and Basketball…On to the Sweet Sixteen

  1. Mr H said moon over mnfist will lose to ship breaker. I say mom all the way. It’s so bad it’s good. Now Mr H let’s see who’s right. (mom all the way)

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