On to the Elite Eight…but my Brackets are Toast

Hello Readers,

Last night we had the first games of the Sweet Sixteen and I don’t think I could have done worse!  Wow, did both my West and Southeast brackets take a hit last night.

In the West I had Ship Breaker (Duke) going all the way to the Final Four, and they sure tanked out last night.  I also had The Strange Case of Origami Yoda (San Diego St) making it to the next round and falling to Ship Breaker (Duke).  That is not going to happen and my West bracket is dead.

The winners of last night games were Moon Over Manifest (Arizona), they must have channeled the spirit of John Newbery for that impressive win, and I,Q (UConn).  I have strangely not read either of these books, which has always been one of the secondary purposes of this book tournament…get some new titles swimming out there in our world and maybe challenge some students to pick up new books.  I will be sure to put both of these books on my To Be Read pile.

The Southeast was not kind to me last night either.  I had Guys Read: Funny Business (BYU) going all the way to the Final Four after beating The Scorch Trials (Pitt).  That now is a false dream.  I started off picking this bracket well, but it has all fallen apart thanks to Airborn (Florida) and The Hobbit (Butler).

Now my only hope rests in the capable hands of Behemoth (Ohio St) and The Lost Hero (Kansas).  The East and Southwest bracket games get started tonight and the only two books I have left are Behemoth and The Lost Hero.  But, don’t count me out I picked those two books to make it to the final game and Behemoth to come out on top. 

What a wild ride!

Read On,
Mr. H


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