We Have A Final Four

Hello Readers,

We meaning here that the universe has a final four…I on the other hand have nothing.  All of the books I picked to make it to the final four our out.  My last hope was poetically The Last Hero (Kansas) and they fell to the wrath of little Raven’s Gate (VCU).  Who would have predicted that an 11 seed who had to play in the very first round would make a run like Raven’s Gate.  It is a great book and will probably be many people’s Cinderella pick to make it to the finals.

So with all of the initial rounds finished the final four stands at…

Pendragon (Kentucky) vs I,Q (UConn)


The Hobbit (Butler) vs Raven’s Gate (VCU)

I personally would like to see The Hobbit make it back to the finals and take on I,Q, but any of these books would make for a great final and hopefully give some lads a few new titles to check out.

The final four games will be held on April 2 and the national championship is set for April 4.  See you then.

Read on,

Mr. H


3 thoughts on “We Have A Final Four

  1. Hey… But Pendragon is one of my favorite series! Probably my third favorite! And that means A VERY GOOD SERIES! 😦

  2. Based on basketball teams I want VCU to win against butler because butler beat the gators. But based on book I want Hobbit to win because it is the only book there that I have read.

  3. Iwont hobbit and pendragon in the finals becuse they our two awesom books but team wise I wont the hobbit and iq in the finals

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