2011 Books and Basketball Championships… The Finals

Greetings Readers,

The 2011 Books and Basketball Championships finals are now set.  The finals will see The Hobbit (Butler) taking on I,Q (UConn) for all the marbles. 

When you look at the two books left and their real world basketball partners you see some interesting contrasts.

First, Butler is a relative newcomer to the NCAA tournament and their coach is only 34 years old.  They get paired with The Hobbit a monster in not only children’s lit but also by an author that most would say is one of the best writers of all.

Second, UConn is a team that has one the whole enchilada before.  In fact their coach is one of the few basketball coaches to win the whole thing twice.  This would be his third championship.  They are paired with a relatively new book, from an author that some would say is a bit of a heavyweight in children’s literature today.

So who will win?  The newcomers with the monster book partner, or the heavyweight author with the newer book?  Hit that comment button and let us know who you think might take this home tonight.

Read on,

Mr. H


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