Department 19 Teaser Test

Hello Readers,

Right now many of the SMS Guys Read faithful are ripping through the Books and Basketball Champion I,Q Series by Roland Smith.  I currently am on page 210 and am loving the story.  It is somewhat strange to be reading this book that was published back in 2008 the week that Osama bin Laden was killed.

We will talk more about I,Q at the next meeting on May 11, but we will also be preparing for our next SMS Guys Read Challenge.

The next book we will be talking about is Department 19 by Will Hill.  Department 19 is a great book that takes the original Dracula hunters and their descendants forming a secret government agency called Department 19, with the charge of hunting down and eliminating the world’s vampires.

It is so far a great, gory Guys Read sort of story.  In the next few meetings we will be setting a vampire hunting training room, similar to the Danger Room in X-Men.  Members will be using school supplies to stake the hearts of blood thirsty vampires.  Of course we will time the members to see if they can survive and get the whole thing on video for your viewing pleasure.  Make sure you check back in to see how things go. 

Until then here are a few pictures of our lunch time test.


Read On Vampire Hunters,

Mr. H


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