More Department 19 Lunch Testing

Hello Readers,

Recently a few Guys Read members had lunch with me and we did a few Department 19 inspired target practice.  As you may know we are starting to read the vampire hunting book Department 19 by Will Hill tomorrow.  As we read we will also be preparing for a Dept. 19 training session. 

I was told guns (even NERF) in school was a bad idea, so we have amended our target practice idea to now use common school supplies.

So for those of you scoring at home that is a red checking pencil, a 3.5 inch IBM Formatted Diskette (most computers in our school will not even accept these puppies anymore) and a common yard stick.

The plans are not yet fully set, but the following are some photos of recent lunch time testing.


Our first target test will have members throwing red checking pencils at a target.

The tricky part is to hit the heart and get it to stick…it just looks cooler that way. 

Of course if the throwing fails you can always rush the target and just stake the sucker!

We will also throwing diskettes (Ninja star style) at a vampire target.  That will have some interesting results.  Here are a few of our early tests….

So tomorrow’s meeting will get us into the novel and more on planning the tests.  Check back as we upload more tests, and final results.

Read on,

Mr. H


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