Department 19 Tests Continue

Hello Readers,

As you know we have been reading Department 19 by Will Hill and getting excited about our vampire hunting training scenarios which we have been testing for a few days during our lunch break.

At yesterday’s meeting we talked more about our plan, eliminating a light grenade test, and finalized our target dummies.  Right as time was up for the meeting (parents surely waiting at the carpool circle) we ran a walk/run through of our target practice test.

The video that follows is our 1:24 attack on three vampires using three different tools.

We start the test with a seven desk commando crawl which leads to our first vampire and first test of skill.  We have to hit  a blood-sucker by throwing a red  checking pencil.  If we hit the red heart, we move on automatically.  If we hit the black circle we have stunned the vamp and can rush the target and stake the vampire. 

Then we move on to the second dummy and second test of skill.  On a smaller target we have to throw a 3.5 in formatted floppy disk ninja star style.

The final test has us staking the heart of lead Vampire Alexandru using a classroom meter stick.  This is where it is supposed to get messy!

As you can see from the video, we still need to work out some kinks, but as a whole the lads are greatly excited to try it themselves.  Check back next week as the guys try to beat my 1:24 time.

Read on,

Mr. H


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