Department 19 Vampire Hunting Challenge

Hello Readers,

As you know we here at SMS Guys Read have been reading, and enjoying immensely, Department 19 by Will Hill.  Over the past few days we have developed and tested a series of Vampire Hunting target practices set up in the classroom.

The lads have been overly excited to get started and I am here to share our first five attempts at vampire hunting glory.

We started off with a contest to decide who would go first.  We did a first line challenge that I pulled from a cool tweet stream I saw from Books For Walls.  Michael A got the first line from The Hunger Games correct and he got to go first.

Michael set the time bar very low, but the hilarity bar very high.  He actually ripped Alexandru’s heart out with his teeth! Check out the video proof…

Matt T went second and did fairly well.

Angad did not do well on the first line challenge, but due to the fact that he is travelling to India soon we let him go third.  He did very well.

Our camera man, Armon, did the honors fourth and had some serious trouble with the army crawl under the desks.

Our final participant in this round was Alex L who took the final staking of Alexandru very seriously!

Now if you have watched all five videos you noticed we started them all the same.  That is because we wanted to use one video as an announcement for incoming students.  They could see what we were all about.  Would one of these sell you on our club?

We do have a few members left to try the challenge at our next meeting.  Check back in two weeks to see what other damage we can do.

Read On,

Mr. H


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