Our Final Meeting…of the School Year

Hello Readers,

Today marked the end of the 2010-2011 school year (although we really have one more day tomorrow) and with this school year ending so ends SMS Guys Read for a few weeks.

Today we used of final meeting to get together and celebrate the year at a local pizza joint.  I had great plans to have video and photos to document our last meeting of the school year, but I left my video camera at home and my still camera choose the pizza joint as its final stand.  So alas no pics or video but let me paint a picture in your mind of the festivities.

We started with a short, albeit very warm (late June in NC) walk up to the pizza place.  Just picture ten boys all keyed up on end of the year buzz and the anticipation of pizza, soda and an awesome cookie cake walking like lost ducks past rolling busses and confused carpoolers.

We paused at the entrance to the pizza place for my teacher moment, that we would not be wildabeasts in the pizza joint and I did not want anyone to get out of control.  Mission accomplished save the very excited plea for bacon covered pizza.

We made our order…two cheese, one pepperoni and the aforementioned bacon pizza and eleven sodas later we were outside on their patio furniture ready to get down to the business end of our meeting.

Today’s meeting  had one very important order of business, to elect officers for next year.  I have decided to call the officers Captain and Alternate Captain.

We had to great speeches and one request from a chair to be the puppet master behind the scenes.  the votes were cast and Michal C and Armon K will lead us next year as our Captain and Alt. Cap.  Michael A and Matt T will fill in when needed as deputies.

We had a great party and we all look forward to carrying on next school year with some exciting prospects.

Our great Librarian (Mrs. D) just returned from a trip to New Orleans and the ALA conference.  while in the Big Easy she managed to obtain a few choice books for our GR club.  Take a look…

GR: Thiller could not have excited us more.  We all loved GR: Funny Business and look forward to the next installment.  I actually got home and read the first story from MT Anderson called “The Old, Dead Nuisance.”  It was just want the collection promises, a thriller that freaked me out.

The Ashfall book is a special project that we have had in the plans since I first caught wind of this new book a few weeks ago.  It sounds like a perfect GR kind of book and Mrs. D was nice enough to even get the ARC signed by Mike Mullin to our group.  Mrs. D and Mr.Mullin had a good conversation about us and he offered to have a Skype visit with us as we finish the book.  I am going to get on my reading of Ashfall right away and then get it in the hands of the other members just as soon as I can.

So we end this school year on a high and look forward to the shenanigans of next year… a whole new bunch of sixth graders to corrupt into the joys of SMS Guys Read.

Read On.

Mr. H


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