Happy Birthday Percy

Hello Readers,

The new year of SMS Guys Read is here!  Today we came together for our first meeting of the new school year.  I was a bit gobsmacked to see 40 lads staring back at me when we finally got rolling.  I knew I might have a few more guys interested  this year, as we made a really fun public service announcement at the end of last year to show to new 6th graders.  Good news, the PSA worked, challenge….I have to figure out how to manage 40 guys in a reading club!

Today was all about getting the lads into the GR frame of mind and giving them all a peek into what we do.  I got some good feedback from the lads and everyone seemed to be really excited.

Being the day before a certain lad’s birthday I decided that we need to use this kickoff meeting to celebrate the birthday of Percy Jackson.  We here at SMS Guys Read have loved all of the Percy Jackson books so it was an easy step to bring an appropriate cake in to celebrate.

Of course having 40 boys at the meeting meant that the cake did not last long, as you can see.

All and all it was a good start and I look forward to another great year with SMS Guys Read.

Our Next Meeting will be August 31, 2:15 to 3:15.  See you there.

Read On,

Mr. H


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