Do Guys Read?

Hello Readers,

I started this SMS Guys Read club five years ago because basically Jon Scieszka told me to.  I heard him speak about Guys Write for Guys Read on NPR  and was motivated to take the ideals to my middle school classroom.

Lately the blogosphere has been alight with stories about the difficulties getting guys to read.  Charles London wrote a great piece recently titled Boys Don’t Read. Except When They Do . Mike Mullin had some interesting thoughts about guy authors and guy lead characters.

All this got me thinking about other ways I could take our Guys Read club out of the classroom after school and really generate some attention.  With this in mind I have created a short survey that we would love for as many guys to finish as possible.  It is a short seven questions long.  With this data we can start proving that guys are reading and continue our noble pursuit of sharing of love of reading with the world.  Please share this link as much as you can and check back as we start to compile the collected data.

Mr. H’s son finds a nook (note, not the e-reader) to to start his reading journey.

Thanks and Read on,

Mr. H
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