A Couple of Meetings Reviewed

Hello Readers,

This is one of those magical times when we have two SMS Guys Read meeting in back to back weeks.  Normally we meet fortnightly, buy we met last week and then again today. Mainly it has to do with the visit of Margaret Peterson Haddix and Lisa McMann at our local indie bookstore, Quail Ridge Books.  We are hoping to get a group of SMS Guys Readers down there to hear her speak.

A scary thought to have these lads massing in your general direction, right?

Last week was our second meeting and we had some big fun.  It all started with the Vordak Lie Generator.  These are great little cards that help you insult your friends and enemies. Thanks to Vordak for sending them along.

We also got into the great Paper Wars game that is documented in Darth Paper Strikes Back by Tom Angleberger.  This was a wild experience, I can’t remember the last time our school media center was so alive with lads yelling I blew up the Death Star…and I was supposed to be defending it!  Here are a few choice pics from the epic battles…

































Victory was theirs, unfortunately the guy on the right beat me soundly.

Read on,

and don’t forget our reading survey, we have 136 responses…including authors Mike Mullin, C. Alexander London, Adam Rex and Vordak the Incomprehensible.  I mean Adam Rex is huge, but Vordak?  Come on he’s reading Dracula right now probably trying to figure out how to take over the kissy vampire book phenomenon.

Mr. H


One thought on “A Couple of Meetings Reviewed

  1. Hello! When does the reading begin so we can start checking out the books our son needs? He is on track 1 and we would like him to have the reading list so he can keep up with the club while his out. Can he still come to the meetings while he is tracked out (which is Sept.13). Thanks!

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