A Few Reviews…The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan

Hello Readers,

I have never been good at writing reviews.  I think back to the beginning of 2011, which only seems like a few weeks ago for some reason, and remember a small pledge I made to myself to review every book I finish from now on…. well that didn’t take did it did it?

So I would like to take this opportunity to review a few of the books I have finished in the past few weeks.

Today is September 16 and as of today I have finished four books.  Three of these books were audiobooks downloaded from our public library system and listened to on my commute to work, and one was read on the computer using Netgalley.  So strangely enough I have finished four books without touching any paper.  Not to worry though I am just about done with Ashfall by Mike Mullin and that is a paper book.

I thought I would attempt a few short reviews of the four completed books and maybe this will kick-start me into reviewing more of the books I finish.

The first book I finished this September was Rick Riordan‘s The Throne of Fire, book two in the Kane Chronicles.  This was an audiobook listen that I truly did enjoy.

It continues the story of Carter and Sadie Kane the bother and sister team that are dealing with the fact that their mother and father have gotten themselves very mixed up in the world of ancient Egyptian gods.

Both Carter and Sadie are magicians, which means they are able to perform magic and do some really incredible things.  They have trained with other masters and now are training other recruits.  They live in Brooklyn with their uncle, a crocodile named Philip of Macedonia and a  baboon named Khufu who will only eat things that end with the letter O.  He is liking the Jell-O in this book.  You will also get to meet a classic Riordan character in The Throne of Fire named Bes.  This character is little in stature alone and one of the funniest parts of this book.  He is a dwarf god and tends to wear a Speedo with Dwarf Power written on the back side.  It gets ugly believe me.

As with many of Riordan’s books the plot basically is that the main characters have just a short period of time, revolving around seasonal equinoxes, to save the world from utter destruction and chaos.

This story is told from both the point of view of Carter and of Sadie in alternating chapters.  Because I was listening to the audiobook I was introduced to two actors who read each part.  I enjoyed Carter’s story, but as the novel unfolded I found myself more and more drawn to Sadie’s story and voice.  I don’t know how Riordan was able to channel his inner teenage girl, but it worked for me.  She was rude, funny and hard to ignore.  It might have helped that the talented actress had such a perfect British accent.

So The Throne of Fire is another of Riordan’s solid works.  You will find plenty of action, adventure, pressure and of course humor in The Throne of Fire.  I have to say that even though I did enjoy this book and the first book in the series, The Red Pyramid, they are not as exciting for me as the Greek work that he does.  I found The Lost Hero much more enjoyable (Son of Neptune comes out October 4, just so you know) and Percy will always hold a special place in my heart that Carter and Sadie can’t touch….although Sadie might get close.

I do recommend The Throne of Fire if you have read The Red Pyramid and enjoyed it, you will have a great time sitting down and relaxing with The Throne of Fire.

Read on,

Mr. H

ps. I had planned to write four reviews tonight, but it is late on a Friday night and I am a tired teacher.  So I will continue this little exercise later this weekend with my second book of September… Chomp by Carl Hiaasen.


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