60 Second Book Hooks

Hello Readers,

As many of you know I teach 6th grade as well as wrangle middle school boys in our Guys Read club.  I am here today to announce a book review venture that will see my Gnome academic team partnering with the SMS Guys Read club to create some cool book reviews.  To make it easy on ourselves we decided to use a co-teacher’s site to house our reviews.  The site is called I’m Always Right.

The I’m Always Right site found its genesis in the strange fact that my co-teacher seems to think Rick Riordan is a poor author and his Percy Jackson series is really bad?  Feel free to jump over there and tell him your feelings on Riordan and his books.

At I’m Always Right you will see both the traditional written reviews of books as well as our 60 Second Book Hook videos.  I have created an example to get us thinking and moving.  When we track back in later this month we will get the SMS Guys Read lads working on their own Book Hooks.

Let me know what you think.
Read on,

Mr. H


2 thoughts on “60 Second Book Hooks

  1. Hey Mr. H,
    I’ve awarded you and your blog the LIebster Blog Award. It’s one of last Friday’s posts on the Boys Rule Boys Read blog. Go take a look!
    Iron Guy Carl

  2. I just love this idea of connecting “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” to a family reunion. I do agree to this connection, as every character in the book does seem to have a certain character and personality to them.

    I seem to be the only Guys Read guy to have commented on any post yet, so I hope to see the other guys rolling in with posts of their own soon.

    Until then, happy reading!
    Ryan M.

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