The Wit and Wisdom of Richard Peck

Hello Readers,

I do have to apologize for taking a little break from our already slow blogging schedule, I am tracked out and busy working with my own kids at the moment. I did want to break in and tell you about my adventure tonight.

This evening I had the pleasure of catching the tail end of a Richard Peck author talk.  I would have loved to hear his whole conversation, but I had another engagement that kept me away for the first thirty minutes of so.

He is out supporting his new book Secrets at Sea.  I missed most of what he said about his new book, but it looks really great.


I came in as he was talking about the covers on his many books and how often the editing team change things.  He is an incredibly funny man and he continually gave us little quips that busted me up.  He claims that he is never satisfied with a book cover.  His new books is about mice and he really wanted the cover to not have any mice in the art, so the reader had to come to the fact that the story was about mice.  He lost.


From book covers (including a funny trip from original covers of A Long Way to Chicago to re released covers, to Britain to Italy and even to China) he ended with some really touching antidotes about teachers in his past and how they helped him become the writer he became.  He even was able to hand his first book to the one teacher that started him on his journey toward great writer.

So I had a great idea when Jack Gantos came to our school a few weeks ago.  I would take my copy of Guys Write for Guys Read and get as many authors to sign their stories as I could.  I already have Jon Scieszka’s autograph in the front of the book, now I have a Jack Gantos and Richard Peck signature.

Have you read a Richard Peck novel?  What is your favorite?  Do you think he really had a grandmother like Grandma D?  Hit that comment button and let us know what you are thinking.

Read on,

Mr. H

ps. next Tuesday (Oct 18) Quail Ridge Books is hosting another author visit.  This time Stephen Messer will be in the house talking about his new book…The Death of Yorik Mortwell.  I have read the first few chapters and it is a perfect October read, a little spooky and a little funny.

See you on Tuesday


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