Seeing the World From the Sky…From Geek Dad

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Today is the final day of my track-out, tomorrow I head back to school for a work day and then the kids descend back on me next Monday.  To celebrate this final day of relaxation my kids and I decided to try out one of the activities shared in Ken Denmeads’ book… Geek Dad.

The activity we choose was Seeing the World from the Sky.  In it you simply build a protective case for your Flip Camera and then attach it to a column of like 12-15 helium balloons.  Sounded simple enough.

We started off two days ago by building a protective case using a car wash sponge that was no longer needed.

We then headed off to Target to get a helium balloon set, like the book recommended.  Unfortunately for us Target, Party City and Wal-Mart all wanted $20 or more for their helium tanks, and we could not bring ourselves to pay quite that much.  I am a teacher remember.

So we were a bit disappointed and thought the dream was dead, but this morning I went outside early and noticed it was bright, sunny and really windy day.  The activity directions call for helium balloons to keep the project safe and simple, but also talks about the kite option.

After a little creative velcroing we had a kite and a camera that looked like it might fly in a big wind.  We headed down to the local Museum of Art, which has a great open space and perfect grassy area for our kite launch.

The flight videos turned out to be very shaky and if you are prone to sea-sickness you might not want to watch all of them.  We had a great time trying to keep the kite up and then catch the thing as it drifted to the ground.

Here is our first flight…things didn’t get off the ground so well, but we were sure that we could get the kite up longer with a little more wind and a little more string.

Here is a fun flight with a little crash at the end.

This, I think, is our best flight.

In this second to last flight I tried to keep the kite going with a long run down the hill and then back up, you can’t tell but I was winded after this flight.

For our final flight we decided to let the camera hang rather than keeping it attached to the craft stick frame we had it velcroed to before.  This attempt was to try to keep the camera from shaking as much as it did.  All we really got was an upside down video…enjoy!

Geek Dad is a really a fun book for those of you who have a little time and a couple of kids you love to do projects with.







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4 thoughts on “Seeing the World From the Sky…From Geek Dad

  1. There was a video like this with a WEATHER BALLOON, and it was really cool… it actually got somewhere near the height of where commercial flight airplanes would fly. It actually got on the news…
    THIS video is from a really cool PROFESSIONAL Youtube filmer; he usually does a lot of very guys-ey action scenes, but occasionally, he does some videos that just look cool. This is one of VERY FEW videos where he doesn’t use special effects, where they use an iPhone 4 to film from helium balloons.
    These videos are really cool though… I’ve never tried to fly a camera, and I’ve never really heard of the idea of using KITES instead of balloons…

  2. Isn’t it great being a Geek Dad? These videos were pretty amazing. Hey I wanted to let you know that my review of Goliath is up on the Boys Rule Boys Read blog. Are your guys going to read it? Would love to know what they think!

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