A Meeting Postponed and a Field Trip in the Works

Hello Readers,

Today I realized that the Guys Read meeting scheduled for this Wednesday fell on the same day as a school faculty meeting.  So unless I want to get in trouble with the principal, we are going to have to move the GR meeting to next Wednesday (November 16).  I know that we are now double booked with the Kiva meeting, I could hear Mr .F through the wall when the announcement was made, so if you are in both clubs and want to go to Kiva that is fine.  Just check the blog for updates.

Speaking of updates, I think I am very close to having a t-shirt design completed and should have an order-form set for our next meeting.

We are currently about two weeks away from the opening of the movie Hugo.  I cannot tell you times this far out, but we plan to meet at the local movie complex that Wednesday afternoon for a viewing.  I know this is the day before Thanksgiving and could be a difficult time to meet up, but if you are in town and looking for a cool distraction before eating yourself silly, think about joining us.

Let’s see if they take our sign again!

Check back here for more information as we get closer to the 23rd.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Read on,

Mr. H


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