SMS Guys Read Takes On Tintin

Hello Readers,

We have just one SMS Guys Read meeting for this calendar year.  When we go out on Winter Break we will also have to deal with our Track Four break.  We will not meet again until the end of January.  Now we can always stay  in contact her on the web.  I will do my best to add new posts and thoughts, if you will add your thoughts in comments.

So for this last meeting I thought we would give this commenting challenge a test.  I got this idea when I stepped in to my local library branch and started browsing the staff recommendations, and found these…

I thought it would be interesting to talk about Tintin as the new Steven Spielberg movie is set to release on December 21.

So today you will break into seven groups and explore one collection of Tintin stories.  From there we will hit the Computer lab and start commenting.  You will need to give your opinion of the volume you reviewed and respond to other comments.

Remember that we are interested in collaborative learning, not throw-away comments.  So show us what you can bring to the conversation.

Read on,

Mr. H


7 thoughts on “SMS Guys Read Takes On Tintin

  1. At First I thought that Tintin was just a dumb G-rated movie,but now that I saw the books, im actually really intrested!

    ~ AD

  2. I can’t wait until the movies come out! The books are so awesome! They’re so action packed! I think that the Captain is the funniest person ever, because he has very dirty mouth.

  3. What’s cool about theese book is that they have a little bit of everything. Humor from Captain Haddock, as well as adventure around the world, an intense storyline, written in a unique graphic novel format.

    ~If at first you don’t succeed, go on the internet and find out how to do it

  4. I really think that this is going to be good. Months ago, just seeing the 1 minute preview that told you nothing about anything at the theater, I felt the riveting feeling of adventure and mystery. It kept the adrenaline going as they spoke slowly of the hidden cargo. To sum things up, IT WAS GOOD YO!! It needs to be seem in 3D, as it is made much like the Polar Express, with the animation made from real people. It isn’t like Hugo, where it is just all real people in 3D.

  5. My dad said that these books are very good so I read one and I was hooked! The charecters are always dealing with gangster rings and like all heroes he has one major arch enemy. I read all these books because they are those books you check out, then the next hour you are done and you need to go get the other one.

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