Tom Angleberger Strikes Back…The Photos

Hello Readers,

Yesterday was a huge day here at SMS.  Not only were we pleased to welcome back author Tom Angleberger, but he was willing to stay after school and participate in our After School Extravaganza!

The Tom Angleberger Strikes Back After School Extravaganza ended up being wildly popular.  I don’t have a full count yet, but we estimate over 100 students stayed for the fun.

We had cartooning, bookmark making, Paper Wars, Fake Mustache and of course origami stations for all to enjoy.  We even had some fund-raiser popcorn(in cheesey metal tins) for everyone to enjoy.

Mr. Angleberger stuck around and signed and folded and just talked with kids for our hour long extravaganza, he really is a great guy.

In the end we lined up all our Fake Mustaches and choose two winners.

So here are some choice photos from our Extravaganza.  Special thanks to all that helped and to Mr. Angleberger for making our day truly memorable.

Read on,

Mr. H


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