SMS Guys Read Books and Basketball Tournament 2012

Hello Readers,

Are you ready for some basketball….with a side of reading?

When you live in the Tar Heel state in March things tend to get a little crazy.  Two years ago we decided to use this basketball momentum to promote reading and great Guys Read books.  So we picked a ton of cool books and paired them with the 64 basketball teams the whole nation was watching.  We let the basketball play out and then read the winning book.  In year one Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld was our winner.  In year two I,Q by Roland Smith came out on top.

This year we decided to get out in front of those basketball dribblers and got our regional lists together and seeded our books.  Now this Sunday when the sport guys get there acts together we will pair our books with their college teams.

Take a look at our regional lists and rankings.  the Newbery and Printz Award winners always get a number one seed, the rest are seeded by our Guys Read committee.

SMS Guys Read Books and Basketball 2012

Did we get the seeding correct?  Did we miss a book that should have made the list.  We tried not to repeat too many books from previous lists.  We wanted as many new books as we could get.

Check back early next week to see the final brackets and check back throughout the month as we play this basketball and book tournament out.

Read on,

Mr. H


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