The One and Only Ivan

Hello Readers,

 Look what I got in the mail .

I actually won this in a give away through the guys over at Middle Grade Mafioso.  They have a really cool blog that I recommend you  check them out.

Look it even is signed by the author!

This looks like a great read, I started last night and can’t wait to finish.  Today I handed it to a young man and he sped through 100 pages in 30 minutes!

The One and Only Ivan is also making a run in our Books and Basketball Tournament.  It was seeded 7th in the West Region and took Florida as they basketball partner.  Ivan took out OK For Now (Virginia) in round one and then Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again (Norfolk) in round two.   Last night Ivan put out Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Secret (Marquette).  They get to face the mighty Darth Paper Strikes Back (Louisville) next.

So thanks to Middle Grade Mafioso and good luck to Katherine Applegate and The One and Only Ivan.

Read On,

Mr. H


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