National Poetry Month

Hello Readers,

So most of you probably know that April is National Poetry Month, most of you probably also curl your lip at the thought of reading a bunch of poetry.

I get it, we talked in the media center yesterday about how many poems are hard to understand and that makes a lot of students call poetry “stupid.”

I would like to offer up a small poetry book that caught my eye yesterday in the media center that really was an excellent read.

The book is called Technically, It’s Not My Fault by John Grandits.  It is a collection of concrete poems which take the reader through the daily ins and outs of a seventh grader named Robert.  The more I read the more I saw all of my Guys Read kids in his words.  Some of the poems are funny, some gross…some really gross, but all of them capture the thoughts of middle school boys.

Here is a sample from the front of the book and the inspiration for the title…

So pick up a poetry book this month…I highly recommend Technically, It’s Not My Fault, and feel free to share your poems or poetry ideas in comments.

Read on,

Mr. H


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