Hunger Games = Yuck!

Hello Readers,

We were recently inspired by Hank Green and his ode to the Hunger Games and decided we would try something similar…but put a Guys Read spin on it.

In Hank Green’s video they make weird cookies and then play Hungry Hungry Hippos to decide who would eat the gross cookie.

We didn’t have a Hunger Games challenge, and the battery operated fishing game I thought would work as a cool substitute was broken, so we used a few online versions of Hippos instead.

Lets have our GR captain Michael give you the rundown…

So you can see we have a lot on incentive to win the Hungry Hungry Hippo battle.  One of the first rounds found Matt and Anthony battling hard…

From there it just descended into near madness, as you can see…

At the end of our meeting we decided to pay another strange food homage and eat a pickled eclair ala Horton Halfpott by Tom Angleberger.

It was a crazy and fun meeting, I’m not sure we will do anything like this again, what do you think?

We hope you enjoyed The Hunger Games, both the original novel, the movie and our disgusting ode.

Read on,

Mr. H


3 thoughts on “Hunger Games = Yuck!

  1. Mr. Hutchinson! they’ve announced the next origami yoda book! hurry to the angleberger site!!

    PS.these videos are hilarious, even though scat was not…

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