Fight the 7th Grade Fizzle with Department 19 – The Rising

Hello Readers,

The 7th grade wing of SMS Guys Read met yesterday to talk few a few end of the year ideas and plan for new challenges.

For some reason our SMS Guys tend to fizzle as they progress through middle school.  I was hoping this wouldn’t happen with our current group of 7th grade lads, but it is.  They are all still readers, Riordan’s Kane Chronicles seems to be the top pick right now, but they just spiral into out and out madness when we get together.  It is almost to the point of frustration for me.  I tried to get them to read a few ARCs that we sent to us and one guy read them both, but can’t speak to them more than they we “good.” I’m hoping we can bring these meetings back up to a quality madness like we used to have together.

So I am going back to where we were the most successful… Department 19.  Last school year we did some incredible things with D19 and I want to try and capture that magic again.  The sequel, Department 19 – The Rising, is out in the UK, but will not be released for us Yanks until August 16.  Amazon has been kind enough though to offer a preview read.

The challenge for our 7th grade wing is to read these first few pages and be ready to talk by our final meeting on June 6.  If things go well we continue, if not I focus my attention on the 6th grade wing of motivated lads.

Read On,

Mr. H


3 thoughts on “Fight the 7th Grade Fizzle with Department 19 – The Rising

  1. Mr. H
    I have to agree that the 7th grade branch has begun to fizzle. A LOT. I think that it is a combination of multiple things. First and foremost is the members. Many of the core 6th graders of last year have broken off so it just isn’t as fun as it used to be. What I propose is an epic GR sendoff. Something where we invite back everyone from last year for one last hurrah. I don’t know exactly what to do, but I think that something with Department 19 – The Rising would be a great idea seeing as how we had so much fun with the vampire challenge last year. I think that if something like that happened we could all RIP (Retire in Peace). And before I sign off for now I just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put into GR this year and last year. It has been an incredible two years serving in the elite ranks of SMS Guys Read.

  2. Matt. From personal experience i say: It might or it might not. Just remember that GR is only as fun as you make it. (Which is usually very fun)

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