Call It Courage Crafts

Hello Readers,

At yesterday’s meeting we got crafty.  We have now finished the great little novel, Call It Courage by Armstrong Sperry and are now into the challenge mode.

Our first challenge is to build a raft much like Mufatu does when he is stranded on the island of the Eaters-of-Men.  To do this we took a little field trip into the woods behind our school.

Once we collected our raft building materials we had quite a challenge on our hands.

So you can see the raft building went well. The pipe cleaner Mufata and Uri figures are built, so now we wait until our next meeting to see how well are crafts will fair against Moana, the sea god, and the rock attack of SMS Guys Read!

Read on,
Mr. H


One thought on “Call It Courage Crafts

  1. Hey its michael c. Duh. I was wondering when the next GR meeting is? And if it is after school sometime could i come to watch and maybe bring my own raft to show the 6th graders how its done? (but probably just watch)

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