SMS Guys Write for Guys Read – Planning

Hello Readers,

Today we had our first Guys Read meeting now that we are thinking about trying to add writing into our meeting chaos.

I reviewed our plans and what we want to do with the lads.  From there the guys started talking up some ideas and filling in a planning sheet.  The buzz is cool around the idea of writing.  I think all the guys are interested and willing to try.  I think we may hit some walls as we start actually putting pen to paper or fingers to keys.

The guys seem to have some good ideas and are generally interested in sharing them.  I heard today thoughts like…

  • Croquet
  • Ninjas
  • A Stapler Indecent
  • A Funny Chinese Restaurant Story
  • Something to do with students being assigned funny little European countries like Lichtenstein and San Marino?

Mr. H’s Story Idea Planning Sheet

So on Thursday we will meet again and choose which story idea we want to start working on. I can’t wait to see how these ideas begin to form into readable stories.

Check back and see what we get up to.

Write On,

Mr. H






2 thoughts on “SMS Guys Write for Guys Read – Planning

  1. I vote neck beard. Always. I will always vote neck beard. Really excited to see where this goes. Will you be posting guys’ writing on the blog?

  2. Chocolate dentures sounds….interesting. Really looking forward to sharing my chineese food story with the world! Also excited about what sounds like a very cool tale of frozen rabbits.Can’t wait!
    Ps. The ninjas may fall into my thriller story….

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