SMS Guys Write For Guys Read

Hello Readers,

I have had a Guys Read dream, a dream that I have wanted to work on since the very beginnings of SMS Guys Read.  That dream is a writing dream.

Jon Scieszka’s original Guys Write for Guys Read book is such a great model for guys writing.  The stories are short and full of guys themes and things that make guys smile.  I have always wanted to have the members of SMS Guys Read write short stories in this general model.  For whatever reason I have never been able to get any writing off the ground.

Well now it is time.  SMS Guys Read will become a reading and writing club starting now.  To continue to meet with us the guys will have to produce four writing over the course of a school year.

These four writings will mirror the Guys Read Library that is forming.  Lads can write in any order, but will need to write a humor story, thriller adventure, a sports story and a review of one book.

During some meetings we will work together to edit and revise our stories, with the hope that toward the end of the year we have a collection of stories that we can publish here on the blog.

I’m excited about the idea of getting some writing juices flowing. Starting tomorrow at our lunch meeting the 6th grade guys will begin to draft the story or review of their choice.

To help motivate and model I will be writing along with the lads.  My first story will be called Scalloped Babies.  Will it be humor or thriller? Check back soon to find out.

Read and Write on,

Mr. H

PS. We have these to help us if the dreaded writer’s block ever strikes.


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