The Sports Pages and SMS Guys Write

Hello Readers (and Writers),

Today we had a fun lunch time meeting.  We started the meeting with the awesome news that Guys Read: The Sports Pages showed up yesterday afternoon.

A big Thank You goes to Ms. Yingling over at Ms. Yingling Reads who not only sent us The Sport Pages, but also included The High Skies Adventures of Blue Jay the Pirate.  They both look like great reads.

At the GR meeting today we read the introduction by Scieszka and took it as a personal challenge to create our own Guys Read sport.  We have a few cricket sets and that might be an integral part to our sport creation.

We also continued our writing challenge for our SMS Guys Write for Guys Read project.  Today I worked with Andy a bit to help him tighten up his story idea.  I think he has a good premise and this is what we came up with today.  Take a read and tell us what you think…

Cannibalistic Stormtroopers

By Andy H (with help from Mr. H)

Knock, Knock

The bang came to my quarter’s door.

“Open up, TK743,” said the garrison commander. “You’re needed in the kitchen.”

I opened the door and followed the commander to the kitchen, wondering what I would be needed for there.

The kitchen door slide open and I saw tables laden with vegetables and a huge caldron looking pot simmering on an electric fire.  I also laid eyes on a menu which read Chef’s Special.

“What’s the Chef’s Special?” I asked with a confused look on my face.

“A delicious, tasty feast,” replied the chef.

“Am I invited?” I asked in a quizzical way.

“Oh certainly, you’re the guest of honor!”

… this is all we have so far, but I’m sure you can see where Andy is going with his plot line.

Check back for our last few meetings of the school year as we continue to write and create Guys Read inspired games.

Read and Write on,

Mr. H


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