Tom Angleberger Visits

Hello Readers,

Some big news out of Quail Ridge Books…. Tom Angleberger is coming to town August 15!

The finale of the Origami Yoda books is set to be released on Tuesday August 7.  The book is called The Secret of the Fortune Wookie.

We asked if he might be able to stop by SMS for a quick visit, but his schedule is really packed, so we need to go to him.  I would love to see a huge number of SMS Guys Read members (in Origami Yoda shirts) as well as other SMS students attending his book store visit.  I know it will be loads of fun and he will sign all of your books.

So get your parents to put Wednesday August 15 on the calendar.  The talk starts at 7:00 and will most likely last around an hour.  The signing line might be a little longer, so be ready.

You know I will be there, hope to see you all as well.

Read On,

Mr. H


One thought on “Tom Angleberger Visits

  1. I love your blog! I teach 5th grade and am always looking for ways to get my boys interested in reading. We are about to begin Call it Courage. Do you have any suggestions on ways to teach this novel?


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