My Collection is Complete

Hello Readers,

So this Tuesday I rushed out to my local book seller to pick up the long awaited Manual of Aeronautics by Scott Westerfeld.  The M of A is the illustrated guide to world of Leviathan.

We were lucky enough to have Scott Westerfeld visit our school right after Behemoth was published, but I was a huge fan of the Leviathan world from right after the first book came out.  I remember his talk was really interesting, he talked about how the ideas for the novel came to him, but also how he worked with the artist Keith Thompson.  His collaboration with Thompson lead him to really think about how his world would be shaped and really what it would look like. 

My imagination runs wild when I read this series, but now I have some wonderful, full color images to help fill in some of the grey spots.

Thank you Scott Westerfeld, Keith Thompson and Bovril for creating such a fantastical read.

Read on,

Mr. HImage


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