Rube Goldberg Madness

Hello Readers and members of the IBRG,

On Friday the lads over here at SMS Guys Read got a few ideas flowing for our Derek Jeter inspired Rube Goldberg machines.  We very much enjoyed watching your video and we can’t believe how similar our plans are.  As you will see things are still in the “rough draft” stages and with our upcoming break our plan is to get a working machine done in January.

Until then enjoy the Rube Madness…

Be well and enjoy your break.

Mr. H and the lads from SMS Guys Read


One thought on “Rube Goldberg Madness

  1. I still remember Rube Goldbergs…

    I actually stopped going to Guys Read because I didn’t like the fact that I was the oldest of the members in a group of people.
    It was very nice; remember me saying that House on Mango Street was boring? I was reading it for Battle of the Books. I was the one person that read all the books in my group, except for “Wait till Helen comes” which was a ghost story, I believe?
    Well, I’m reading House on Mango Street now, in High School, it actually has meaning to it that I didn’t see before.

    Good luck on later things! ^.^

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