Dragon Run Testing Day

Hello Readers,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA As you know we are reading the currently unreleased novel Dragon Run by Patrick Matthews.  Don’t worry we don’t have illegal bootlegged copies, we just jumped on the power of Scholastic Book Orders and got it a few weeks before its official release date.

In the beginning of the story you will find the main character, Al, getting set to be tested.  In the world of Dragon Run all humans are numbered at the age of 12.

We here at SMS Guys Read decided to take that idea and play a little Guys Read style game dealing with testing and numbers.  Take a look at our video adventures…


We don’t want to spoil any more of the book for interested readers, but we all highly recommend this exciting fantasy.

Read On,

Mr. H (I’m a 4 BTW)


One thought on “Dragon Run Testing Day

  1. I thought of an idea for the table top game where you go through the process of aging and at twelve you roll the die to find what rank you are, if you get a 0 you are out in the case of all 0’s all roll again. Before you test there will be something like an “action square” where you will have two options, one will give you good karma, and the other bad karma. If you do these you get a certain number of karma points and if you get a certain rank, say a five, if you get a certain number of good karma you can study potentia and become a life, water, and air magic centered player, bad karma and you can study fire and earth magic.

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