SMS Guys Read Book and Basketball 2013

Hello Readers,

Frequent readers of our SMS Guys Read blog will no doubt know that for the past few years we have hijacked the March basketball tournament and used it to promote books we have loved or would love to read.

With March now beginning our daunting task is to start compiling a list of 64ish books to populate our Books and Basketball brackets.  We start those lists today and have until Selection Sunday, March 17th, to get them set.  I have loads of great titles swimming through my head.  I know the lads with have many more to share.  Once we have the lists set we will go through and seed the titles, pushing our favorites up toward the top seeds.  The Newbery winner traditionally receives an automatic number one seed.  The year getting a number one ranking might just be the kiss of death…. Good Luck to The One and Only Ivan!

We might need some help with these lists, I mean 64 books is a lot of books.  So what books would you have us add to the list?

Hit that comment button and share a few of your favorite titles with us.

Read on,

Mr. H


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