SMS Guys Read Books and Basketball 2013…. The Brackets

Hello Readers,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell Selection Sunday happened yesterday, and now we have basketball teams to match with our favorite 64 books!  You can find our book and basketball lists in the following link.


SMS Guys Read Books and Basketball Tournament 2013

Today we had an emergency Guys Read lunch meeting to begin building our brackets.  We have not been able to find an online bracket builder that allowed us to create clean, typed Book Brackets.  So we offer you some choices if you would like to play along at home.

I have hand written a complete bracket using just the books we seeded.  You should be able to print of a copy of the photo above.  If you don’t like my small and shaky handwriting , then you can create your owe with any number of blank brackets available out their on the Interwebs.  That is what I have the lads do today at lunch.

Check out a few video clips of the guys filling out brackets and highlighting a few key matches.

So come along and follow your favorite book, or basketball team, or both.  Hit that comment button and tell us which books is going to win it all.

We will have another emergency lunch meeting tomorrow to talk up our picks.

Read on,

Mr. H


2 thoughts on “SMS Guys Read Books and Basketball 2013…. The Brackets

  1. Love seeing so many of my favorites up there. I’m rooting for the Chris Rylander upset with all three Fourth Stall books and GR Sports Pages into the Final Four. Just for fun.

    I really hope Gonzaga makes a run because Adam Rex deserves to win everything ever.

    Have fun! Keep reading!

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