Books and Basketball… to the Final Four

Hello Readers,

I would have loved to keep you, dear readers, up to date through the Sweet Sixteen match ups, but alas this past week has been Spring Break and my family has been touring the historic sites in and around Boston. while some might ask why didn’t I bring a computer and update from the road, two thoughts there…. one, the hotel we were staying in did not offer free wifi and as much as I like Books and Basketball, and you dear readers, I wasn’t going to spend $20 a day for Internet service. Two, this is one of the few times I have with my whole family. most of my track out breaks revolve around me and my kids, but this one week around Spring Break and then again in July the whole family is off together and I wanted to take full advantage of this.

I did try to keep up with scores and who was moving on, so now I offer you a short recap and preview of the 2013 Books and Basketball Final Four.

First I would like to say that my bracket is 100% completely busted! I don’t have a single of the remaining teams picked through this round. I was silly enough to have Wonder (Wichita State) and Pickle (Syracuse) not win a single game. I only gave The Runaway King (Michigan) one win, and even Dragon Run (Louisville) went down in my Elite Eight. so my picks have turned out to be unlucky, let’s see how I do with the remaining three games.

I suppose we should start with the break heard round the world… Remember I have been in Boston touring Revolutionary War sites. I’m sure you all saw the horrible accident in the Dragon Run v Smekday game. A tragic accident akin to ripping a huge handful of pages out of a book. I’m sure you can put the book back together, even strengthen the spine with a metal rod, but is the book ever the same?

So Dragon Run finds the surprising Wonder in their Final Four game. I have no idea how Dragon Run or Wonder will handle the emotional roller coaster that will be their next game, but my money is on Dragon Run to channel the break and ride that emotion all the way through to the finals.

The other match up finds two gracious authors and two very different novels. Jennifer Nielsen wrote a great follow up to The False Prince in The Runaway King, and was incredibly generous in sending our sister club, AFFL, an envelop full of some great book swag. I am still to read the King’s challenger in Pickle, but every student I have handed it to, especially reluctant readers, have gobbled it up… And in one case even said, “Thank You.” I have had some very kind Twitter conversations with Pickle’s author Kim Baker. I hope SMS Guys Read can continue to talk with here.

Both of these books started as number four seeds, so I find myself in a bit of a Pickle (no pun intended, but don’t you think it works well here?). As much as it pains me to make this call I think I see Pickle pulling out on top and meeting Dragon Run in the final game.

I don’t want to pick any further because as yor have seen I often pick dead wrong, so let’s check back after the April 6th games and we can get a conversation started about who might win it all.

Read On,
Mr. H


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