The 2013 Books and Basketball Champion!

Hello Readers,

I am here at a teacher retreat all week, and they don’t have a TV…on purpose!  So I had to find out about the final game in our Books and Basketball tournament through the internet on Tuesday morning.  They keep you pretty busy at these teacher retreats, so I am just now finding the time to sit down and post our winner.

It seemed like it was a good match up on the basketball court, that many watched, and the two books that duked it out were certainly worthy opponents.

In one corner we had the young upstart Dragon Run by Patrick Matthews, paired here with Louisville University.  A book we had already read here at SMS Guys Read, so without much debate we happily attached the number one seed to this new book.

In the other corner we found the surprising sequel to The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen, The Runaway King.  Sage and The Runaway King found itself with a number four seed after our Guys Read members who also attend our sister club AFFL lobbied hard for it to a top five seed.  That number four seed paired them with the University of Michigan. I had posted earlier that I thought Dragon Run would channel the emotions of that horrible leg break and run away with the tournament… and I was RIGHT (for a change).

So congratulations to Dragon Run by Patrick Matthews a worthy book to be found at the top of our 2013 Books and Basketball Tournament. Now if the winning book is one we have not read we always use the occasion of the book’s win to put all other reading aside and read the champ.  On this occasion we find that many of our members have already read Dragon Run, so the guys who have not are encouraged, nay required, to read Dragon Run. The rest of us will use our next few meetings to continue our Dragon Run game creation and hopefully have a working model finished by the end of the school year in July.

So did any of you pick the winner?  Go back and look at our lists of books, which book should have won on merit of the writing… not some silly basketball game?  How many of the books on the lists have you read?  Any look interesting?  Hit that comment button and let us know what you are thinking.

Read on,

Mr. H

ps. Read The False Prince and The Runaway King by Jennifer Nielsen… they really are fantastic stories.



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