Apex Androids Present

Hello Readers,

I am still a little geeked up over what went down at our meeting yesterday afternoon.  I have been watching and semi-editing our film footage of the Apex Android robotics club visit and it still just makes me giddy.

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I recently got an email from a former student and early SMS  Guys Read member who asked about possibly presenting his Robot Club to our Reading Club.  I, of course, jumped at the opportunity to see robots!

It also got me thinking about books that might fit this Robot Club visit.  I hit on Gordon Korman’s newest novel, Ungifted.  It really fit perfectly with the conversation we had with Drew and Shay, and Andrew and Chris from the Apex Androids.

For SMS Guys Read members we will be talking more about the book at our next meeting.

But back to the robots…

The Apex Androids are a local high school robotics club that compete in FIRST program.  Under the FIRST umbrella they compete at the FTC level.  They did a great job introducing us to their program and what they have to create and how they compete.  The finals are over for this year, so they came with some pieced together droids, which didn’t cooperate perfectly, but we certainly got the gist of how the robots and the competition worked.

Here is a longer video from the beginning of their presentation.

and here is a shorter video with some choice clips from the visit.

SMS Guys Read would like to really thank Drew, Chris, Andrew and Shay for taking the time to come over and share their love of robots and their excellent competition.  I think they may have hooked a few future Androids here at the Middle School.

Check back soon for some fun Guys Read inspired robot craziness as we take on the world of robots…. SMS Guys Read style!

Read on Robots,

Mr. H


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