Otis Dooda

Hello Readers,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA few days ago I got an email from the author Ellen Potter asking if I would be interested in an ARC of her newest book.  She thought it might be something that our Guys Read club might enjoy.

Yesterday, on my class DEAR day,  I managed to finish Adam Rex’s Unlucky Charms a few minutes into the 20 minutes of read time during my first block.  Isn’t that one of your favorite times as a reader? The moment you finish a book and the time you spend thinking about what comes next.

I looked to my pile of “to read” books and landed on the ARC that Ellen Potter graciously had the folks at Macmillian Publishing send to me.  I have had very few ARCs come directly to me, so I feel like I need to repay Mrs. Potter and Macmillan with a review.

Otis Dooda is certainly a book for a Guys Read club.  It falls squarely in the realm of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Origami Yoda books.  It is a quick read… I managed to finish in just one day, and I am well know as a slow reader.  Although it is a fast read, full of cartoon illustration, was never board.  The story is simple…Otis and his family move to New York City and life in their new high rise apartment building is full of Strange but True stories.  I really liked the few parts with Peaches, the supposed French Gerbil Hound.  As I ended each of my four classes I talked about the book and read a little about Peaches riding down the elevator with a prissy lady and having a few gaseous emissions.  Those few paragraphs did the trick with most of my students and really hit with a few of my reluctant readers. They all giggled in the right places and a few even asked about borrowing the ARC when I was finished.


So overall I think that Otis Dooda, Strange But True would be a welcome addition to a classroom library, and certainly a book you could sell to a young man that “hates to read.”  The story does end with an opening for more tales to come, and I hope Ellen Potter does revisit Otis and his gang. I really want to know more about this potted plant guy in the lobby!

Read on,
Mr. H


One thought on “Otis Dooda

  1. It’s good to hear an actually guy’s take on this. I think you are spot on about the target audience. And thanks for the heads up on the Angleberger origami book listed in your Goodreads feed!

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