We Build an Eco Box Robot

Hello Readers,

This week has been a bit of a blur for me.  We, of course, had Monday off in honor Memorial Day and then I had a long after school meeting that pushed our normal Guys Read meeting to Wednesday, and then I was a guest judge at our school talent show that night.  So I have been working between all of my other engagements to put together some videos from our latest meeting.  I think I have them ready to go.

This week’s meeting saw the beginning of the blend between 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.  I have invited all current 6th grade members to join us at our after school meeting until the end of the school year.  It’s hard to believe we only have two meetings left!

This week we continued our conversation of Ungifted by Gordon Korman and what we were going to do in the world of Robotics.  I managed to find a suitably cheap robot and had it ready to assemble this week.

The plan was to build my robot, to see how it works, and then plan some tests to put it through.  After seeing my robot, many of the guys are working the parent angle to see if they can’t order their own, so we might be able to create some sort of SMS Guys Read Robot Olympics.

Parents please note that with all things in SMS Guys Read everything is optional.  Buying books and robots are only if you can and are willing.  Students without books and robots are always welcome.

So the building went fairly well as you will soon see.  We had a few issues and distractions, as you can only imagine with one robot builder and 15 middle school boys standing around watching, but in the end the little guy rolling and we are off on the planning stages of the SMS Guys Read Robot Olympics.

Now the video for the actual building ended up being 17 minutes long (we need to do a better job of making shorter video clips, or I need better video editing software) so I cut most of the build, but here are a few choice still pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here is the video with a completed robot and the first few trials to get the little guy going.

It was pretty exciting to get the robot going.  He is working great now that everything is fit and snug in his interior.

After the build we brainstormed a few ideas for Robot Olympics.  So far we have…


Sumo Wrestling

Tug o’ War


and for the creative types… an art contest.

You will have to check back in the week of June 14 to see how many guys managed to get a robot and what Olympic mayhem we can get up to.

Read on Robots,

Mr. H

ps. You will want to check back to see how I decorate my Robot.  I’m thinking mustache!


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