Skyping with TME Guys Read

Hello Readers,

Our school year is marching steadily toward the end.  The conclusion of this school year is only two weeks away for us, but for our friends across the country in the Intercontinental Ballistic Reading Group they are just two days away from that promised land.

So with that in mind we wanted to get together digitally with the help of Skype to actually talk to each other.  With us being Eastern time and them being in Pacific time, it actually works out quite nicely to do a quick Skype visit right after school for us and lunch for them.

We made this Skype visit last Friday and had a ton of fun talking about books, school, teachers, school work,  Canada and of course Mustaches!

Here are a few pictures from our combined Pencil War games and our Skype visit.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had so much fun this year!  IBRG forever!

Read on,

Mr. H


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