Muggle Quidditch Practice

Hello Readers,

So over the past few weeks the 6th grade branch of SMS Guys Read has been preparing for a Muggle Qudditch game.  We started by reading Quidditch Through the Ages by Kenniworthy Whisp.  We started logging into Pottermore and diving into the world of Harry Potter together (I still stink at wand duels).  We watched numerous online videos and read up on Muggle Quidditch and finally started to collect materials. Quidditch

We are now preparing for a three week Spring Track out Break, but wanted to get one practice in before we tracked out.  So we rigged up one hoop goal and practiced with what we had.  Take a look at our latest videos.

So what did you think of our Quidditch skill?  We all had a great time just practicing and look forward to some nice weather and a great full game.

Read on,

Mr. H


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