Muggle Quidditch

Hello Readers,

As the end of our school year rapidly approaches I would like to invite and explain our final activity to you all.  The final Wednesday of the school year, that is the 25th of June, will be our final meeting for both SMS Guys Read and SMS AFFL.  We will meet in Mr. H’s room right after school and stay until around 4:30 that afternoon.  After that I would love to have a celebratory meeting over at the Goodberry’s on Davis Drive.  I have laid everything out in this letter, which SMS Guys Read guys should have with them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASMS Guys Read Muggle Quidditch End of the Year Spectacular

One other part to this extravaganza will be a reading based science project that will tie the end of this Guys Read year to the beginning of next year.  I am asking that the guys wear a sock to the Quidditch game that they can donate to science.  It can be an old sock, or mismatched monster, but it will be taken from the lads after the game and kept by Mr. H.

Parents, siblings and friends are all invited and encouraged to stay and cheer the lads on during they game and celebrating with us at Goodberry’s after the match.  We will play on the practice field along the side of the school near the behind the baseball field.

If you have any questions please email Mr. Hutchinson.

Read on,

Mr. H


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