We Create Mongee-Poo Slime

Hello Readers,

Yesterday SMS Guys Read held our first meeting of the 2014-15 season.  It was an epic introduction to the new school year and our first novel project… By The Grace of Todd by Louise Galveston.

I have many plans that we will attack in the next few weeks dealing with this super gross book, but the first reading challenge we attempted was creating Mongee-Poo slime.  You really do need to find a copy of By The Grace Todd and get reading about Dragon Sensi, but until then check out the Todd-opeadia to find out more about Koi Boy and Mongee-Poo.

Here is a short video introducing our reading challenge and the creation of Mongee-Poo slime.  Check it out…

It was an epic, messy time, and I think everyone had a great time.  Check back in with us in the coming weeks as we continue to talk about By the Grace of Todd and attempt a few more reading challenges.

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Read on,

Mr. H

ps. One other side project dealing with By the Grace of Todd is happening with three Guys Read members.  The whole story behind By the Grace of Todd deals with the Toddlians, a group of ant sized people, that live on Todd’s disgusting gym sock.  We are attempting to see if we can create some SMS Guys Readians!

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Super Grossness to come…


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