By The Grace of Todd Swag And A Few New Reading Challenges

Hello Readers,

At our recent SMS Guys Read meeting we kicked things off with a surprise package from somewhere in Kansas.

We here at SMS Guys Read would like to thank Louise Galveston for her kind gifts…

Now we didn’t just get cool bookmarks and call it a day, oh no!  We did a short reading of the first time Lucy and Todd see the ‘Toddlians’ and then jumped into a reading challenge we are calling Marshmallow Scum…

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Now we also continued a work in progress.  If you remember at our first SMS Guys Read meeting of the year a few of us started a gross sock collection.  Well those socks have been sitting in a bag in my classroom for two weeks and now we needed to add some socks and filth to the collection.  Take a look at what we got up to as SMS Guys Read starts to attempt to create life out of filth…

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Things are getting pretty gross over here at SMS Guys Read, and that’s saying something!  Check back in soon as we continue to talk about By the Grace of Todd by Louise Galveston.

Read On,

Mr. H

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One thought on “By The Grace of Todd Swag And A Few New Reading Challenges

  1. This post is filled with a mind-blowing amount of awesomeness! Impressive slime, guys and definitely the most disgusting socks I’ve seen yet. If any Toddlians crop up, let me know. 😀

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